June 2019 marked the centenary of one of the most defining moments from recent Maltese history - the 100 year anniversary since the 1919 Sette Giugno riots. We had the honour of composing, directing and performing this work with the support of Teatru Malta and FCN.  VII (Sette) took place at Fort St Elmo's Piazza d'Armi on June 7, 8, 9,14,15 and 16. The work was performed in both English and Maltese, with some moments in Italian too, highlighting the opposing factions that were at loggerheads with each other at the time.


This production was produced by Teatru Malta in partnership with FĊN and is proudly supported by Arts Council Malta under the Auspices of the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local Government, camilleriparismode, Heritage Malta and Festivals Malta.

What People Have Said:

"This incredibly professional, passionate and incisive multidisciplinary piece of theatre has the wow factor that our country so desperately needs...VII is Malta’s answer to Hamilton...a passionate, powerful and gripping production which makes for an unmissable theatre experience." 

Times of Malta

"An electrifying show! A vibrant, original way of reconnecting contemporary audiences with the historical events of Sette Giugno in a manner which resonates today...the music, performances, fluid use of language, set design and lighting all came together to create a gripping and memorable theatre piece." 

Kim Dalli, Actress

“Vital, wildly inventive storytelling. In a different universe to anything Teatru Malta has produced so far and hopefully a blueprint for that strange beast going forward. This is One of Those.”

Philip Leone-Ganado, Actor and Journalist  

"A landmark in Maltese performance." 

Josette Ciappara, Director

"From the choreography to the set, from the costumes to the lights and sound- everything was top notch."

Eileen Spiteri, Music Blogger



Jacob Piccinino, Leo Graham, Lee-N Abela, Christian Scicluna, Andrew Sowrey, Matthew Hunt, Jeremy Grech, Nicola Azzopardi, Sandie Von Brockdorff, Rebecca Camilleri, Zoe Camilleri and Julienne Restall, with the participation of ZfinMalta.

Creative Team:

Directed and Composed by: The New Victorians (Bettina Muchmore and Philippa Cassar)

Writer: Erin Carter

Translator: Simon Bartolo

Set Designer: Aldo Moretti

Stage Manager: Sean Borg

Production Management: Ovation

Costume Designer: Luke Azzopardi

With the support of camilleriparismode

Photos by Albert Camilleri